She is a graphic designer. Instagram @sonayong.


Son Ayong is a graphic designer based in South Korea. She mainly works in a wide range of graphic design such as art direction, website design, book design, illustration and more. She graduated with a BA from Paju typography institute(PaTI) in South Korea and in visual communication from The Basel School of Design(HGK) in Switzerland. Now she lives in South Korea. Her email is and her instagram is @sonayong.


Apple and lemon, 2017

Milk and spoon, 2017

Salumi and chicory, 2017

Butter and fish, 2017

Love & Thanks post card, 148x105mm, 2017
I drew four houses of four owners from the biscuit house building kit of Sonkim construction which I sold at the Gwajajun. In order, Crom's Lazenca, an anonymous building, Park Sung-mi's land rich house, and Yun Chan-woo's honeymoon ranch. (Cookie festival) in 2016.

Illustrations for my book <Cox Tree>, 2015

Fruit, 2015

Fruit Tree, 2015

Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day), 2015
Seal, It was sold at Low-Tech.


Animation for Plus global audition, 2019
Collaborator: Park Dahyun(sound), Min Heejin(creative director), Yemin Kim, Nayeon Kim, Hangyeol Kim(direction, coordination)
Production: Big Hit Entertainment

Bookmark for Post Poetics, 2019

A Winter Watermelon, 2019

Posters for a exhibition <Goods is good>, 2019 EN KR
<Goods is Good> is an exhibition held by D project space from February 23 to September 1, 2019. In the exhibition, it had displayed various artworks created by 35 illustrators. The concept of exhibition was ‘Market’ in order to make the visitors feel familiar to the illustrations throught this concept. The artworks and goods were compised of four categories: fruits and vegetables, marine products, fresh meat, and frozen food.
        The posters reflect the concept of exhibition ‘Market’. Carts and baskets are used for main graphic elements of poster. The big, long, small, and trapezoidal carts from the moving poster represent that many illustrators and customers come to market and participate in the exhibition. A scene of animation in the moving poster, where beads are collected, reminds of the scence when goods are put into carts. I brought the idea from the titles of exhibition and museum—the actual titles of exhibition and museum in English are differ from the titles in Korean. The literal translation of exhibition title in Korean means ‘Goods, Collect, Market’, and the literal translation of museum title in Korean means ‘Bead, Collect, Pool hall’. The red, green, blue, and ivory baskets in the poster show the actual baskets in the exhibition space and function as a divider of space depending on each categories. The tone and manner of poster reflect the mood of exhibition place.
Collaborator: Park Dahyun(sound)
디프로젝트 스페이스 구슬모아당구장은 2019년 2월 23일부터 9월 1일 까지 35명의 일러스트레이터들의 작품과 굿즈를 한 자리에서 만나 볼 수 있는 전시 <굿즈모아마트 - GOODS IS GOOD>를 개최했다. 이 전시는 ‘마트’ 컨셉으로, 다양한 장르의 작품과 굿즈가 ‘청과’, ‘수산’, ‘정육’, ‘냉동식품’ 등의 카테고리로 나뉘어 구성되고, 관람객들이 일러스트레이션을 보다 친숙하게 경험할 수 있도록 기획됐다.
        전시 포스터는 ‘마트’를 연상케 하는 전시컨셉을 반영하여, 실제 마트에서 사용되는 카트와 장바구니를 주요 그래픽 요소로 사용하였다. 무빙 포스터에서의 커다란, 길쭉한, 작은, 사다리꼴의 카트는 다양한 일러스레이터와 소비자가 굿즈모아마트에 참여하고, 찾아온다는 의미를 나타내고자 했다. 무빙포스터에서 ‘구슬’이 ‘모아지는’ 애니메이션은 굿즈를 담는 장면을 연상시키며, 미술관 이름과 전시명에서 아이디어를 가져왔다. 무빙포스터 외 빨간색, 초록색, 파란색, 상아색의 장바구니는, 전시장에 비치된 실제 전시의 메인 아이템임과 동시에 각각의 구획으로 작가를 구분해주는 역할을 했다. 포스터의 전체적인 톤앤 매너는 미술관의 아이덴티티와 실제 전시공간의 분위기를 반영하여 결정됐다.
협업자: 박다현(음악)

Business card for Hue and scent, 2018
Collaborator: Jeong Haeji(logo lettering)

Neutral, 2018

45 Symbols for Secondhand Deal, 2017
we often use similar words or phrases each time we sell or buy something online. E.g. "This stuff is almost new", "I'm selling this stuff because I am moving out", "Selling my child's bed". These Symbols are based on common terms used in Secondhand deals, they are designed to ease and smooth communication between sellers and buyers. The Symbols, representing different statuses of merchandise, buyer, and transaction, may also be combined to describe a full range of secondhand deals.

A Bag for Venezia Biennale Korean Pavilion, 2017

A Bag Package for Venezia Biennale Korean Pavilion, 2017

100 daughters 10 mothers, Typojanchi: Mohm,, 2017

Biscuit house kit manual <Igloo>, 2017

Biscuit house kit <Igloo>, 2017
Build your own igloo before you leave for the cold winter! Penguins can also be placed next to cute igloos in winter! Feel the pleasure and warmth of more than 0.0088m² while building the igloo made out of soft marshmallow.
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(planning, baking)

Biscuit house kit <Ranch>, 2016
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(planning, baking)

Biscuit house kit <Mountain cabin>, 2016
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(planning, baking)

Biscuit house kit, 2015
Sonkim Construction is a construction company for biscuit-house that I established with a friend of mine, Kim, in 2015. We have been selling <Biscuit House Building Kit>, which allows anybody to build a biscuit house using materials made of biscuits. We also provide the building manual as well as the eating manual for once the house is completed. Biscuit house is being designed with a different theme in each season. Consumers can move into Sonkim Construction website, once they finish a biscuit house using Sonkim products.
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(planning, baking)

A typeface for sonkim construction, 2015

Posters for Paju Typography institute graduation exhibition <PaTI PaTI>, 2017

Kits for the End and the Beginning, 2017
It is about archiving <Sonkim Construction> business, which I ran for a year. The Sonkim Constuction that had created biscuit house kit, would be indefinitely closed one day in 2017. It is unknown how, when and where it would be re-opened. It has not failed, though, it can be called <An end waiting for a beginning.> To sum up, A Kit for the End and the Beginning, is my work that came from a wish to make a kit for the beginning of that someday, which it can be eventually opened.
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(co-author, baking)

Partner, 2017
Sonkim Construction, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, this book is about the story of Kim Jiyoon and Son Ayong, who worked together as 'Sonkim construction' from 2015 to 2016.
Collaborator: Kim Jiyoon(co-author)

Coxtree, 2015
The <Coxtree> book is an inference of discovery of identities from the red and yellow juice in the Paul Cox's art book. I analyzed all fruits and trees with red, yellow and green to shape of the <Coxtree>.

Galactic Republic Typeface, 2016

A poster for Table Setter, mentoring music program, 2016
Collaborator: Lee Kyuchan(logo design)

A poster for Baekrokdam Chamber Fest, 2016

A poster for Processing Workshop with DDLab, 2014
Collaborator: Lee Kyuchan(lettering)

A poster for Japan Trip, 2015

A poster for Autumn Seminar in PaTI, 2015

Seasonal women, 2015

Background( is a work born from the question, "How does understanding visual code affect identity?" It is a work that expresses how the identity of objects in images varies according to the surrounding environment through web technology. Two different objects of the same shape are displayed with different backgrounds and background sounds, and their presence is slightly revealed by the spectator's actions, such as clicking, mouse-overing, and making sound.—Each of the scenes has their own sub-titles: “Sun and Moon”, “Breeze and Typhoon”, “Low-Cost Car and High-End Car, but All Type of Car”, “Loud House and a House that isn’t”, “Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola”, “Hot and Cold”, “Soccer Team vs Soccer Team”, “Sky and Sea”.
Collaborator: Park Dahyun(sound)
배경(은 "시각적 코드를 이해하는 일은 정체성에 어떤 영향을 미치는 걸까?"라는 물음으로 시작한 작업으로서 이미지 속 사물의 정체성이 주변 환경에 따라 어떻게 달라지는지 웹 기술을 통해 표현한 작업이다. 같은 형태의 서로 다른 두 사물은 배경과 배경음이 달리 연출되고, 관찰자의 클릭과 마우스 오버, 소리 내기 등의 동작 수행을 통해서 그 정체를 조금씩 드러낸다. 각각의 장면들은 부제를 지닌다. “해, 달”, “미풍, 태풍”, “저가차, 고급차”, “요란한 집, 그렇지 않은 집”, “펩시콜라, 코카콜라”, “뜨거움, 차가움”, “축구팀, 축구팀”, "하늘, 바다"
협업자: 박다현(소리), 2019 EN KR
Elur is an experimental illustration platform, producing interesting images through rules. Every year, the platform sets new rules for image of new project and discusses illustration. The Project of ELUR in 2019 was ‘CATvsDOG’. ‘CATvsDOG’ was an event in which 100 Korean illustrators participated in, half of them was on the side of CAT and the other half of them was on the side of DOG. They could draw the subject of their choice between CAT and DOG. Then, they battled with each other’s illustration on on-line during a month.
        The website was composed by two columns to show the battle concept and the fair quantity of images between cats and dogs. Whenever the website is refreshed, the illustrations are randomly placed on the top of the main page to be seen fairly. If people click on any illustration, they can see the information of illustrator. And the website includes a function, that people can vote by clicking the buttons shaped as a foot of cat and dog. People could see the live vote results through a graph on the top of the main page. On the basis of the layout of main page, the left page is composed of the introduction of project, and the right page is composed of the interviews by illustrators.
Collaborator: Jeoung Yeonji(font, editorial design), Leebinsoyeon(animation)
에루어는 규칙을 통해 흥미로운 이미지를 생산해내는 일러스트레이션 플랫폼이다. 프로젝트마다 특정한 규칙이나 장치를 고안해 이미지를 만들며, 일러스트레이션에 관한 담론을 다룬다. 에루어의 2019년 프로젝트는 ‘CATvsDOG’였다. ‘CATvsDOG’는 한국 일러스트레이터 100인이 각 50명씩 CAT팀 또는 DOG팀으로 나누어져, 선택한 동물을 소재 삼아 각자의 방식대로 일러스트레이션 작업을 하고, 이를 통해 얻은 결과물로 약 한 달간 온라인에서 대결을 펼치는 행사였다.
        웹사이트는 행사의 주요 콘셉트인 ‘대결 구도’를 유지하기 위해, 고양이와 강아지가 공평한 숫자로 노출될 수 있도록 2단 레이아웃으로 구성되고, 새로 고침 할 때마다 각 팀 내에서의 순서가 랜덤으로 배치되었다. 일러스트레이션을 클릭하면 해당 일러스트레이터의 정보를 볼 수 있고, 각각의 일러스트레이션 밑 발바닥 버튼을 누르면 투표할 수 있는 기능이 부여됐다. 상단 그래프를 통해 투표 현황을 볼 수 있었으며, 메인 화면을 기준으로 왼쪽 페이지는 CATvsDOG의 소개와 행사참여 방법을 안내하고, 오른쪽 페이지는 작가들의 인터뷰 내용으로 구성되었다.
협업자: 정연지(글자, 편집 디자인), 이빈소연(애니메이션)
Collaborator: Park Dahyun(sound), 2019
Collaborator: Post Poetics(art direction), Jung Dayoung(design), 2018

A website for move, 2017

Sonkim Construction ver.winter, 2017

Sonkim Construction ver.spring, 2016