She is a graphic designer. Instagram @sonayong.


Son Ayong is a graphic designer based in South Korea. She mainly works in a wide range of graphic design such as art direction, website design, book design, illustration and more. She graduated with a BA from Paju typography institute(PaTI) in South Korea and in visual communication from The Basel School of Design(HGK) in Switzerland. Now she lives in South Korea. Her email is and her instagram is @sonayong.


Apple and lemon (2017)

Milk and spoon (2017)

Salumi and chicory (2017)

Butter and fish (2017)

Love & Thanks post card, 148x105mm, I drew four houses of four owners from the biscuit house building kit of Sonkim construction which I sold at the Gwajajun. In order, Crom's Lazenca, an anonymous building, Park Sung-mi's land rich house, and Yun Chan-woo's honeymoon ranch. (Cookie festival) in 2016. (2017)

Illustrations for my book <Cox Tree> (2015)

Fruit (2015)

Fruit Tree (2015)

Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day) Seal, It was sold at Low-Tech. (2015)


A Winter Watermelon (2019)

Posters for an exhibition <Goods is good> (2019)

Business card for Hue and scent, in collaboration with Jeong Haeji, who designed the logo type. (2018)

45 Symbols for Secondhand Deal, we often use similar words or phrases each time we sell or buy something online. E.g. "This stuff is almost new", "I'm selling this stuff because I am moving out", "Selling my child's bed". These Symbols are based on common terms used in Secondhand deals, they are designed to ease and smooth communication between sellers and buyers. The Symbols, representing different statuses of merchandise, buyer, and transaction, may also be combined to describe a full range of secondhand deals. (2017)

Neutral (2018)

A Bag for Venezia Biennale Korean Pavilion (2017)

A Bag Package for Venezia Biennale Korean Pavilion (2017)

100 daughters 10 mothers, Typojanchi: Mohm, (2017)

Biscuit house kit manual <Igloo> (2017)

Biscuit house kit <Igloo>, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, Build your own igloo before you leave for the cold winter! Penguins can also be placed next to cute igloos in winter! Feel the pleasure and warmth of more than 0.0088m² while building the igloo made out of soft marshmallow. (2017)

Biscuit house kit <Ranch>, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, The ranch version added a fence to keep the lambs alive. Make your own small, rustic and peaceful ranch! Crispy sweet biscuit ranch with gentle butter can be completed in about 15 minutes. (2016)

Biscuit house kit <Mountain cabin>, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, put a pond in front of the cabins and enjoy the cozy scenery! Choco-flavored confection houses can be completed in about 15 minutes. (2016)

Biscuit house kit, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, Sonkim Construction is a construction company for biscuit-house that I established with a friend of mine, Kim, in 2015. We have been selling <Biscuit House Building Kit>, which allows anybody to build a biscuit house using materials made of biscuits. We also provide the building manual as well as the eating manual for once the house is completed. Biscuit house is being designed with a different theme in each season. Consumers can move into Sonkim Construction website, once they finish a biscuit house using Sonkim products. (2015)

Sonkim Typeface (2015)

Posters for Paju Typography institute graduation exhibition <PaTI PaTI>, in collaboration with Dong Joonmo (2017)

Kits for the End and the Beginning, it is about archiving <Sonkim Construction> business, which I ran for a year. The Sonkim Constuction that had created biscuit house kit, would be indefinitely closed one day in 2017. It is unknown how, when and where it would be re-opened. It has not failed, though, it can be called <An end waiting for a beginning.> To sum up, A Kit for the End and the Beginning, is my work that came from a wish to make a kit for the beginning of that someday, which it can be eventually opened. (2017)

Partner, Sonkim Construction, in collaboration with Kim Jiyoon, this book is about the story of Kim Jiyoon and Son Ayong, who worked together as 'Sonkim construction' from 2015 to 2016. (2017)

Coxtree (2015), The <Coxtree> book is an inference of discovery of identities from the red and yellow juice in the Paul Cox's art book. I analyzed all fruits and trees with red, yellow and green to shape of the <Coxtree>.

Galactic Republic Typeface (2016)

A poster for Table Setter, mentoring music program (2016)

A poster for Baekrokdam Chamber Fest (2016)

A poster for Processing Workshop with DDLab, in collaboration with Lee kyuchan (2014)

A poster for Japan Trip (2015)

A poster for Autumn Seminar in PaTI (2015)

Seasonal women (2015)


The website is under construction.

The website is under construction.

The website is under construction.

I made a gallery Whistle website with Postpoetics. (2019)

My website, (2018)

A website for move (2017)

Sonkim Construction ver.winter (2017)

Sonkim Construction ver.spring (2016)